Do you have a broken tooth, a cracked tooth, or missing teeth? We understand how frustrating and even painful it can be to have these problems. That’s why, at Pinnacle Dental Associates in Albany, OR, we have the equipment and training needed to offer comprehensive restorative dentistry services.


Restorative dentistry includes all the techniques needed to give you back the normal function of your broken or cracked tooth or to give you a new tooth or teeth.

If you have a damaged tooth, you could be at risk of bacteria getting into it and causing an infection. This infection can then spread throughout your mouth to impact both your soft tissues and other teeth. Restorative dentistry protects your mouth from that risk.

If you have a missing tooth or teeth, you might have trouble chewing and getting all the nutrition you need. Plus, your other teeth may start to move into that gap. Restorative dentistry can replace your missing tooth or teeth to prevent those problems.

We have all the technology right here in our office to relieve the frustration and reduce the risks involved with a broken tooth or missing teeth.


Here are several ways that we can restore a damaged tooth or missing teeth:

  • Crowns: We use the CEREC system to design, create, and place a crown during a single appointment. This tooth cap covers the top and some of the sides of a broken or cracked tooth to reinforce its structure and give you a new chewing surface.
  • Dental Implants: A dental implant, which is a titanium tooth root placed in your jaw, can support a replacement tooth. Your new tooth can work as well as your natural ones, blend in with them aesthetically, and be just as simple to clean.
  • Dentures: We can use dentures to replace a larger number of missing teeth. We make traditional dentures, which rest on the gums, and implant-supported dentures, which are attached to titanium roots placed in your jawbone.

If you have a broken tooth, a cracked tooth, or missing teeth, don’t let that damage get worse. Every day, a crack could be spreading or your other teeth could be moving to fill that gap. We want to restore your mouth today to prevent these oral health issues.


Call today to schedule a consultation with one of our doctors. We can examine your unique dental situation and tell you which restorative dentistry options could restore the function and look of your unique smile.

If you have an emergency dentistry need, call immediately. We’ll find the soonest appointment we can for you.

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