Root Canals

Root Canals in Albany, OR

For some patients, the term “root canal” is really scary. For dentists, it’s a wonderful term! It just means that we can clean out a tooth that is hurting from a cavity or tooth infection.

Do you have any dental pain right now? A root canal could be your gateway back to the days before that pain.

You can come to Pinnacle Dental Associates to get a root canal that can save your natural tooth and keep the abscessed tooth from infecting other teeth.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal procedure cleans out a tooth infection and saves the structure of your tooth. It’s always better to save your tooth, if possible, than to go through several appointments needed to get it extracted and get a replacement tooth.

A root canal procedure just takes one appointment. First, we x-ray a patient’s tooth to make sure that the root canal is the best option for relieving the infection and the pain.

If we’re going ahead with the root canal, we give anesthesia, which is a relief in itself! You can also get laughing gas or oral sedation, if it will make you even more relaxed and comfortable.

Then, we clean out the infected tissue and seal and protect the tooth for the future! Our goal is that by the end of your endodontic procedure, you’ll be free of the painful toothache you’ve had and have a tooth that is ready for normal use again.


Some people would rather keep suffering from a toothache than take a trip to the dentist for this scary thing called a “root canal.”

However, root canals are routine procedures we do all the time. You should think about getting one right away if one of your teeth is in great pain. At least we can get you in for an exam and check out if that’s what you need. At that point, you can still decide what you want to do next.

A root canal can:

  • Save You Time: It can take a lot of time to have a tooth extracted, get an implant surgery, then get a dental appliance placed on that implant. That all takes several appointments, whereas a root canal takes only one appointment.
  • Save You Money: A root canal often costs far less than going through surgeries and purchasing a replacement tooth.
  • Save You from Pain and Difficulty: Having a tooth infection can hurt—a lot! It can make you stop eating normal foods and getting the nutrition you need. With just a single appointment, a root canal procedure can relieve all that pain and those problems.

When you come in for your appointment, we’ll give you an examination and show you the results right away. We’ll present you with the options we can provide to get you chewing normally again as soon as possible.

The ultimate decision is always yours. We just want the best for you and your health. We’ll never pressure you into any procedure.

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If you have a painful toothache, we’re excited to help you! We want to relieve your pain and get you back to chewing normal foods again with your natural teeth. Don’t let dental pain disrupt your life anymore!

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